Error in Chrome developer tools

Hello, I’m receiving an error when I check the console in Chrome developer tools. It seems to be referring to a .png file in a gallery container or something like, however I use Wix gallery but is perfect is using only the images that I added to it, I don’t use more galleries.

I’m not sure where to search for this error to fix it I appreciate any guidance to search for the error in the Wix editor.

Check if one of the images you’re assigning to the gallery does not exist

Hi J. D. I appreciate your response! I had a look to my gallery but the gallery is looking perfect no images missed actually is just 6 images I see the 6 images being displayed. Any ideas?

Actually I’ve solved it, thanks a lot for your help. I had the same gallery on another page I deleted the gallery with the error and I copied and pasted the gallery that I had on the other page. No errors now. :slight_smile:

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