Error in loading Twilio module in backend

I have installed twilio from npm and it shows in my list of packages as twilio [v.4.9.0].

I have the following statement in a backend .jsw module

import twilio from ‘twilio’;

Yet it gives me the following error

“message”:“[“Error loading web module backend/profile.jsw: Cannot find module ‘twilio’\nRequire stack:\n- /user-code/backend/profile.jsw\n- /user-code/stubmodule-that-does-the-require.js\n- /cloud-runtime-code/node_modules/scoped-require/index.js\n- /cloud-runtime-code/packages/elementory/cloud-runtime/factories.js\n- /cloud-runtime-code/packages/elementory/cloud-runtime/create-app.js\n- /cloud-runtime-code/packages/elementory/cloud-runtime/cloud-grid-runner.js”]”

This is the same code I used for another website, and it used to work. The only difference is the other one was twilio [v.3.55.0] and not [v.4.9.0]

It loads perfectly fine if I put the code in a client side file.

Please help.

My backend code:

import twilio from ‘twilio’ ;
import { getSecret } from ‘wix-secrets-backend’ ;

export async function testSMS ( )
console . log ( ‘Inside testSMS in backend/testTwilio’ );

**const**  accountSID  =  **await**  getSecret ( "T_SID" ); 
**const**  authToken  =  **await**  getSecret ( "T_TOKEN" ); 
**const**  from_pn  =  **await**  getSecret ( "T_PN" ); 

**let**  client  =  **new**  twilio ( accountSID ,  authToken ); 
**let**  pnStr  =  '+14085550101' ; // This is just a fake number. 
**return**  **await**  client . messages . create ({ 
    body :  'test' , 
    to :  pnStr , 
    **from** :  from_pn