Error when importing into data collection

I am getting the following error: " Error: The server failed to fulfil the request." when importing data from csv file into an empty data collection without any preset schema. I am essentially following the approach outlined in this article to import data using a form into a data collection.

My test csv file has around 80 columns and 26 rows. Some questions:

  1. are there any limits on column/row size of the csv file?
  2. are there any checks on the contents of a column (for e.g. a column containing both numeric and character values) that would result in the error?
  3. any other limitations that one should be aware of before importing data using this method?

Thanks much.


there is no limit on count the limit is around a few MB of data per record.
i’d recommend you start with a simple example, continue with a subset of the columns and rows and try to troubleshoot the specific issue with the csv, interesting what’s hiding in there :slight_smile:


Thanks Shlomi.

Here is the issue: I have around 400 columns in my csv file (all text and numbers - nothing fancy :slight_smile: – so iteratively finding which columns are causing issues is kind of difficult.

Hence the question on what types of issues could typically cause importing issues, for e.g.:

  • any checks on the contents of a column (for e.g. a column containing both numeric and character values) - other limitations (for e.g. in the naming of the headers of the columns)
  • columns needing to be contiguous without empty columns (for e.g. I eliminated this from my csv and still have issues)

Trying to do this on an iterative basis would take a really long time. Thanks again.


there aren’t many limitations. Few notable:

  • if provided _ID field must be unique string no longer than 128 characters
  • single entry must be < 0.5MB in size

Data types for other columns do not really matter.

Few more things to consider:

  • permissions, if importing from published site.

I would also suggest considering using our import functionality. It can be used to import CSVs directly. It will also help with handling data types (ex. convert dates) if that is needed.

Thanks Giedrius,
This is helpful, though it doesn’t seem to address my situation (I let Wix generate the ID, and all my entries are < 0.5 mb, and there are no permissions).

It would have been great to use Wix’s import functionality – unfortunately I would have to publish my site to be able to use that functionality (which in my view is a very inconvenient restriction) - and am not yet ready to publish my site.

Is there a work around available to use the import functionality on unpublished sites? Thanks.


indeed. Looks like an issue on our part. Thank you for bringing attention to this. We will work on to improve in this area.

In the mean time, can you share your user and site names, so we can investigate what is the issue? You can find these by observing your site URLs:

Thanks Giedrius.

I was able to resolve this – looks like Wix has an issue when the header row contains period ‘.’ in the column names. Once you remove the period from column names - the import works, would be great if Wix could add this to the documentation and also allow the content manager to be used on unpublished sites.

Another q: Is there a way to privately share site name and urls


You can paste your editor url. It can only be accessed by Wix staff