Example: Wholesale (with Wix Stores)


This example implements a simple wholesale pricing mechanism for Wix Stores . A wholesale database collection contains a link to the products in the Stores/Products collection, and the wholesale price of the product. All database queries and updates are in backend code which ensuring a high level of data security. The Admin Products page allows the site owner/admin to enter or edit the wholesale prices of the products. This page is accessible to Dealers and site Admins . The Dealer Products page displays the wholesale prices of the products. This page is only available to Dealers .


Awesome !!!

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There seems to be a problem loading the template :S

I’ve tried this on several browsers and the template loads fine. Are you logged into your Wix Account?

Here’s the direct template link .

Hi Yisrael ! I cannot open direct link …)))

We Looked Everywhere

For This Page! (Error 403)
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@natali0637 :exploding_head: I hate it when I’m stupid! And I really did it this time. I had a problem with the way the link was being built, but it fooled me since it worked on my Wix account and not on my personal account.

I’ve fixed the issue now and you should be able to load the template from my site or from the direct link in the forum post.

Great job…!

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where is the point that the buyer can add products into the cart?
What will happen if the product has variations? and the buyer wants to buy several units of each variant?

This example is not meant to be a full solution - it’s just an example of how to start implementation of a wholesale feature.

Development is underway to add a number of new features to Stores that might address some of the issues related to wholesale. No ETA and no definite plans howefer.



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Thanks Yisrael for the example, my next app was the wholesale app for Wix Stores, I’m currently editing a custom Wishlist, your example would be so useful to compare it with mine :grin::grin:

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So if I copy this into my main site, and hit sync will it update with my current products? Or will I have to import the products again? Will I have to completely redo my site? sorry not very good at coding, so I don’t know how it works.

I love the idea of this, but I haven’t looked too much into it but is the pricing automatically updated in the store if they are logged in as a Dealer? I currently have my wholesale portion set up as a duplicate collection with updated pricing, but have found customers can still find the products via the search function.

I also copy this into my Raw Cashews site, and hit sync will it update with my current products page? Or will I have to import the products again? Will I have to completely redo my site?

It won’t be so simple as just copy/paste. You will need to do do significant coding on your site to get this to work the way you want. This example is pretty old now, and a lot of new features have been added to Wix Stores since then.

You might be able to use some of the ideas from the example on your site. You should also take a look at Restricting Access to Specific Store Pages for ideas on how to implement wholesale features to your site.

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , as they’ll be better able to assist you.

Hi Lee. Same issue here. Have you found a way to set your wholesale shop section?