Example: Wix Animations

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This is a fun little app that lets you play with Wix Animations. The user can change the animation applied to the image when showing or hiding . An UploadButton allows the user to change the image currently viewed on the page.

Have fun!


Hi Yisrael,
This is very useful. Previously we needed to apply and try out each animation type and choose that we liked. It was very time consuming. But now we can just use the website link to easily see all animation types available in wix and choose the one we like easily. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yisrael, You work too hard. Take a break and fly to Texas so I can buy you a good Texas beer :wink:


Fun! Thanks Yisrael. :wink:

Do you offer coding services for Wix sites? I’m looking to hire someone to do some code work on our website.

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How can I contact you ?

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Yes @311muscle , feel free to fill out the contact form on my website so my assistant can schedule a 15 min complimentary consultation to review your project needs.


Thank you.

I don’t use WhatsApp :confused: Instagram or email?


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