Exclusive Feature Access: Sell Tickets with Assigned Seats in Wix Events

That’s right Partners, you’re all getting access to this amazing feature release first !

With this release, you’ll be able to create a seating map so guests can purchase specific seats. Additionally, event organizers can add a mark-up for the best seats. You can create seating around tables, rows of seats, areas with unreserved general seating (e.g. a standing room only area), or a combination of any of the above.

When customers buy tickets, they click to select the seats they want to purchase from the available seating.

Some of the benefits of this new tool include:

  • User friendly seating map editor with the possibility to choose from ready-made venue layouts or create from scratch.

  • Possibility to generate more revenue adding a mark-up for the best seats.

  • Offering numbered seats may generate a sense of urgency with the attendees to get the best seats before they are gone.

  • Better attendee experience by letting them choose their own seats.

For additional information refer to the following article .


Wow - this looks incredible!

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I have been testing this all night and I am really really excited by this feature and think Wix have done an amazing job.

I will speak directly with the PMs, but wanted to post some feedback publicly. *Some is additional feature on top of this new functionality and some is direct feedback to the current new solution.

  1. When assigning tickets to a row of seats, i would like to hold the shift key and select multiple rows and then when I have selected the ones that I need to apply those tickets to, I go ahead and apply that ticket to all those selected rows. Right now you have to do this one by one and is a little bit annoying

  2. For the ‘Area’ blocks (the blocks you see on the map which show ‘Stage’ or ‘Bar’ or ‘Catwalk’) are all white…allow us to set colours for these, please.

  3. Be good to have a ‘Pick my Seats for me’ flow, which then brings up a popup asking which tickets you want and the qty. Then the app picks the seats and they can either proceed or click ‘Edit this choice of seating’ which then takes them to the map to pick themselves?

  4. Need a ‘virtual queue’ feature, for large scale sites that might have lots of traffic. Ability to turn on a ‘queue’ so that when someone goes to the event to buy tickets, they click ‘Join the Queue’ and once the event is ‘Opened’ for sale, people start to get redirected to the event…probably for the future, but worth looking into.

  5. Allow us to upload custom SVG vector icons to the ‘Icon’ element feature.

  6. General Wix Events feature, allow us to change the ‘Time Remaining’ to buy tickets. Right now it is set to 20 minutes, I want to change that to 10 minutes. That is enough time and creates more of an urgency.

Forward looking…In the future, for larger scale clients, for concert halls etc, allow us to add ‘sub’ maps. So, have a map of the layout and sections, once you click into a section (area), this then shows the map for that section of the hall. Hope it makes sense…not priority but be good for the future.


Nice one :wink: