Expand & collapse secondary header


I am trying to expand and collapse a secondary header (for only one page) on my website.

My top header already has this and is frozen as the page scrolls.

My secondary header is for anchors on certain strips for a page and I don’t need it to show on all pages.

For example. A terms & conditions pages will have 3 headings as you scroll down the page. On scroll, I want a secondary header to show where you see the anchors for each section.

Has anyone done this/knows how to do it?

I’ve tried different codes and none of them are working.

I understand that it is not part of the header itself and the strip requires a code to expand and collapse.

Any help would be wonderful!

Hi Kelcy,

Check out this examples which shows how to build a collapsing menu - https://www.wix.com/code/home/example/Collapse-Elements
You should be able to easily apply it to your design which is a bit different.