Expandable Text Boxes with a Read More Link

I am trying to create an expandable text box. I am not an expert coder but have enough knowledge and experience to implement functions like this.
The Wix reference is https://support.wix.com/en/article/creating-an-expandable-text-box-with-a-show-more-link-using-wix-code

am not linking the text to a data base/using Dynamic Pages at this stage. I am just using simple text insertion

So, as directed, I created a new text box and copy/pasted some dummy text into the box. I also created the button as directed. I then carefully copied and pasted the code provided by Wix into the Code Panel exactly as directed.

The instructions seemed very clear including inserting the name of the text panel in place of " #myTextElement " in the appropriate code string.
I have made several attempts and get the error message:
I saw one blog on fixing it but it did not work. Any suggested fixes please.

These are my screen grabs: editing page with my Code and error message on Preview page

Any help/support much appreciated.
Thx Rob


I don’t see anything wrong with it, I checked your website and it seems to work.
do you still have the issue?