Experts Dashboard Discussion!

It’s big. It’s new. AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

We are collecting feedback here from the EXPERTS (YOU, YES YOU)!!

@lillie-green is here with me. Fire away, guys!


Great job guys. Magical work!

Won’t let me edit profile - the buttons and stuff just aren’t clickable.


True, we had the same issue but on mobile it works if you want to edit your profil before that Wix solve the issue ! :slight_smile:

Yep, same. I can’t change my name to FIDDYFIDDY

Love the fact that everything is now in one place. I would LOOOOOVE to see the ability to have folders for our sites. I desperately need some organization on my “my sites” page.
<3 WIx :slight_smile:


Thank for the great progress and great job to the team!
The part indicated by the red arrow does not function, and under the section every items dose not.


Me too! I need to be RoRo here <3

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Just starting to explore looks good. Think I prefer the facebook to the forum as have to seek things out more but it will probably be good and more helpful when trying to find things. Also can’t seem to update my profile but could be me! Love having all the info in one place though :slight_smile:

I am blown away! It is amazing how much Wix has changed since 2011 when I built my first site… and it was flash!



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Thanks - Will follow up.


Make sure you try to edit it on desktop.

@brett-haralson I was will have another bash :slight_smile:

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@brett-haralson I clicked the “manage your email notifications here” at the bottom of the notification email regarding the forum. The first time, it was a 404 not found, the second time it went to the expert forum and says “Nothing’s Showing Up… looks like the page you are looking for can not be found. Head back to keep exploring the forum.”

Just FYI!

@allisonkubala Thanks. Will look into this.

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Looks great. Will check out the rest of the features.


Looks great. Will check out the rest of the features.

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Let us know what you think! :smiley:

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What can i say? Not much words describe the magical touch and experience Brett and the Wix Team provide to the experts. We are treated and looked after so well from Wix. So firstly, thank you for that.

Thank you also for the new Experts Dashboard, this is gonna be great. Thanks to @lillie-green for taking the stress off the one and only @brett-haralson in regards to CSV files for Betas. It’s now automated (i think) yay - anything to help our Brett - but thanks to him for the past year or two for putting up with the pain, we all hate spreadsheets.

My feedback and bugs for the Dashboard:

I’d personally prefer if the Forum, Resources tab, Blog, FAQ’s and Explore tabs were all inside our wix account tab where we have the header ‘My sites’. At first the dashboard is integrated but then we start externally linking to another site ‘’ but i feel this should be in one. So for example

Instead of this:

It should look like this:
Embedded into the actual Expert Dashboard.

I also noticed an error on the account page within the forum profile settings. When you click ‘Settings’ it just makes the menu on the account panel disappear but doesn’t actually do anything. Here is a GIF.

On the account page on the forum it also randomly throws an error message from time to time with me. Please note that i have cleared my cookies and cache multiple time and it still sporadically does it.

This is the error screen (one that i have NEVER seen before).

Keep up the good work guys and if i find anything else, i will let you know here!