Export Digital Goods?

Will there ever be a way to do this? Maybe someone has a workaround for this?

I need to move over 1000 digital products and doing so manually is going to take up so much time that I could be doing other things that need done :/…

When you say export - you mean Import to Wix Stores? Or are you trying to export OUT of Wix stores?

Because I cant use the menu feature on the current site I need to recreate it on a site that I can use the multiple menu feature. So I need to export the digital goods from one Wix site so I can import them into another Wix site.

@everyoul-studio Okay - I understand. Let me check on this for you. This would be resolved if we could enable the feature on the other non-partner account, correct?

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Thank you. Yeah it would be resolved if that specific website also had that multiple menu feature because I wouldn’t have to export/import the digital goods.

Open a support ticket for me please and request this. Reply with the ticket # and I will see what I can do for you. I’m checking to see if I can do this.

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@brett Ticket ID. 1367430448

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Copy that.

@brett If you worked your magic it worked!! Thank you so much, you guys are awesome! The multi menu feature is now on my site for me to use.

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@everyoul-studio Hey there!

I’m happy to report that we’ve added the menu feature to your site! :tada::tada::tada: