Extending the hotel app

Hi, it’s the first time I am using Wix. I’m trying to use the Hotel App to build a booking system for a hostel. There are three specific requirements that I’d like to see if I can implement:

  1. The hostel has rooms, but the bookings are made by the number of beds you book (i.e. people may share rooms from other bookings).
  2. The hostel has a different price for the beds depending if you’re a member or non-member. It also has different prices if you’re an infant, child, high-schooler or adult.
  3. The bookings must only be made by members. And all the names in the booking must be captured.

If I were to extend the Hotels App to include such functionality, would that be possible? Could anyone give me some hints please? Thanks!

Not sure if this app is expendable! You are using a predefined app.

But perhaps you will find something interessting here…

Perhaps some APIs works for it.

But as i assume, it won’t work.

At the end, you could generate your own HOTEL-BOOKING-APP/SITE.

This would be cool.