External App integration

I need external private app to be integrated on my website

I have wix website: https://www.thoddoobeachview.com/ I need third party private app i.e Bankofmaldives app to be integrated with my website. But i don’t have any access of page codes. Especially i want to know how i can make a custom checkout and set action on the form in cart page template.
I request you to please let me know how to access page codes.


Are you referring to the code editor of the site?
It’s simple! Click on the tab “Code” in your site editor and then click the “Turn on Developer Tools” button.

There you have it! on the bottom of the screen you got the code editor of the page.
(If that is not what you meant, please let me know and elaborate on your situation so we can find a solution for your issue)

As for integrating with 3rd-party-apps, you can use the Wix-Fetch method in order to call an out-source service but note that usually you’ll need to use the exposed API/key of the app/service itself in order to make it work in your site.

Hope it helps!

Doron. :slight_smile:

Hi Doron, Thanks for your reply. Can you please let me know where I can Find “Code” tab?

Thank you Doron for answering. Actually i want to integrate custom checkout hosted on some other server. How can i proceed with this?

I know it’s an old question but it depends on what exactly the process. Using Corvid you can call other servers using fetch, redirect to any url using wixLocation.to and get data from the querystring using wixLocation.queryParams. Those are the common functionalities you might need.