Extract guests from RSVP Event List

Does anyone have a solutions for programmatically extracting the guest list from an Event that accepts RSVPs.

I have tried a few different work arounds with no success. I have tried to capture the registration event with hooks to keep my on collection of registrations. The problem with this is sometimes the registration fails and the hook doesn’t fire.

I have tried making a custom registration button and capturing the registration on an button click event. Sometimes the api to write to a collection fails.

I have tried using Ascends automation to add the person to a Google spreadsheet but the automation doesn’t receive or expose enough information.

How difficult is it to add a call in the API to return this list of members?

I am ready to scrap this entire Wix site.

I wanted to accomplish exactly the same but the Rsvp information isn’t available unfortunately. The summary information isn’t available either even though it should be.
To get round these limitations I added my own collection and created functions in events.js for onRsvpCreated, onRsvpDeleted, onRsvpUpdated and on EventDeleted. This works for Rsvps created through the dashboard, the Wix booking form or Wix velo.
If it would help I could post the code from events.js if that would help.

Thanks for your input. I am doing something similar. I am allowing my users to schedule up to 4 different events at once. So I am writing those events to a custom collection in addition to using the createRSVP API to register them on the client side. Unfortunately, I had a situation where 2 of the 4 events made it to the collection and 2 failed. Luckily I was monitoring the events and I caught it. I started out first using the events on the backend but ran into a similar case. Again, I am presenting 4 events to the end user and using the createRSVP API. Sometimes this API fails to successfully register which in those cases the onRsvpCreated doesn’t fire.

Last I have resorted to catching the exceptions while persisting to my collection and then creating a Task to I can at least capture the failed attempts.