Facing a typeError $w("#element").show() is not a function

This is the code that I am using on our site: https://www.lcoy.earth/ (See Below)

Can Anyone please help me with this issue? It’s urgent. @yisrael-wix

// The code in this file will load on every page of your site

$w.onReady(function () {
    $w("#scrollingTransitionPoint").onViewportLeave(() => {
    $w("#scrollingTransitionPoint").onViewportEnter(() => {

I opened your site and don’t see the issue. Is this still happening? Perhaps it was a temporary system glitch.

BTW - I see on your home page that you have an error in your code. You have an onReady() function inside of the page’s onReady() function. It would also be better if you had the countUp() function outside of the onReady().

For more information about the page onReady() function, see the following: