Facing "you are not authorize" error

Facing error while permforming CRUD operation to the tables from externalDB in WIX

i have followed the reference Link to create Adaptor for WIX

I have followed all the steps mentioned in the reference link but getting “you are not auhorize” error when trying to query the table from WIX CMS

attaching screenshots for creating more clarity:-

→ The name of my collection is “quiz” which i have provider when i added the adaptor link and the secret key

→ i my AWS RDS (MySQL) db i have 3 tables, questios, options and users,

→ when i checked the permissions of each table its showing that the CRUD operation can only be performed by ADMIN, so i don’t know how to change the permission and from which portal i can change these permission for my tables

→ and last the query i have used to get all questions:-