Feature Opened: Email Marketing in the Partner Dashboard!

You will now have the ability to send email marketing to all of your contacts inside the partner dashboard! This is open to the following languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, JP, NL, PT, IT

If you didn’t know; you have a free version of Ascend that’s baked right into the Partner Dashboard. This feature (and email marketing) is open to Pioneer and up. :slight_smile:


Great BRETT! Just a question. We have unlimited ascend coupon on our dashboard. Does this feature works “just” for email marketing or also, to automations, contact forms unlimited etc…?

Hi there - if you’re asking what features and Unlimited Ascend plan covers, here’s a list .

Loving these add-ons for partners!

Question: is the intent for these Partner Ascend add-ons to operate separate from our own personal sites?

Is there a way to associate these Ascend features to my site vs having to manage them separately?

For example, if someone contacts me via my site (e.g., contact form), they are added to my site’s contact list where I can use my site’s Ascend features. But if I want to use these Partner perks, is the expectation that I copy their contact info over into my Partner Dashboard contact list (how??) in order to use the Ascend features there?

I know we can’t boil the ocean all at once, so if this isn’t doable now, it would be a great enhancement to explore later. :upside_down_face:

Will you add this feature for Turkish language ?