Feature Release: Collapsible Text in the Wix Editor

You asked, and we listened. :grin:

Many of you have been eager to add collapsible text to your site, and starting today, you can! :dizzy:

This feature is now available to everyone. :earth_americas:

How does it work?

The collapsible text box will expand on click, allowing site visitors to read additional details you’d like to share with them. It’s a great way to keep your site layout clean, while giving people access to all the information they need.

Collapsible text box are perfect for longer titles and paragraphs, like product descriptions, FAQs and more.

For a full list of details and instructions, click here .


Thank you for your continuous work and efforts.
It is nice to have this feature at last.

I hope, soon we will be able to change the design (font, color, etc.) within the collapsible text box, because, as of now, it works like a button. The whole text has the same design, font, color, bold, cursive, etc.

Thank you again!

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You can style the text, both within the text and the button that is shown within the component.

What you can’t do is apply more than one style to individual parts of the text from within the editor.

As a work around for the time being, you can create a single item collection, and add a rich text content field. Apply all of the styles you want in there (these will be taken from the theme manager styles you set within the editor). Then connect the single item, rich content field to the expandable text, and it keeps its styling for individual words etc.

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Nice! Hope to see this in editor x at some point!