Feature Release: Subdirectories/Ability to edit your Multilingual Sites' URL Structure

You can now determine the best URL structure for your multilingual site to improve your SEO ranking. As you know, you can create multilingual versions of your site with both free URLs and custom URLs.

After you publish your multilingual versions, you have a number of options for the URL structure you use for your URLs.


A subdirectory uses your site’s main URL and adds a language code to the end of it. An example of a subdirectory URL is: https://mystunningwebsite.com/fr .

The main benefit of using subdirectories is that all of your site’s language versions contribute to your search ranking because they share the same domain. Subdirectories are the default option when you create a new multilingual site.


A subdomain uses your site’s main URL and adds a language code before the domain name. An example of a subdomain URL is: https://fr.mystunningwebsite.com .

Search engines consider each subdomain site as unique and distinct from your main site. This means that any search engine optimization on your main site may not benefit your subdomains and vice versa.

Language parameters

A URL with language parameters uses your site’s main URL and adds a parameter which includes a language code to the end of it. An example of a URL using language parameters is https://mystunningwebsite.com/ ?lang=fr .

To change your URL structure:

  1. Go to your Multilingual dashboard .

  2. Click Edit under URL Structure on the right side.

  3. Select the checkbox next to your chosen structure.

  4. Click Save .

Keep in mind that you need a premium plan to use subdomains.

To learn more about this release, including reasons for changing your site’s URL structure and potential risks, refer to the article linked below.

Wix Multilingual: Editing Your Multilingual Site’s URL Structure


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Very useful, thank you very much for the new functionality. It is important to share with the community that the structure by subdomain is considered by the search engines with the best ranking.

However, check out the full article that @stevenjose shares to choose the structure change that works best for your website.

Congratulations the help article, very complete.