#featurerequest Increase Number of 301 Redirects Allowed (500+)

seo #featurerequest Hello, first post… but for sure not the last. :wink: I recently took over the migration of a website with a lot of SKUs and a few years worth of overdue Google Search Console house cleaning. To clear a lot of the crawl anomalies and required 301s for product listings (due to the new URLs as we can’t adjust permalinks) in addition to overlooked 404s, we exceeded the 500 301 redirects quite quickly.

It now kind of feels like the job is half finished, and it is a little difficult to explain to my customer why. I’m not holding my breath for an imminent increase, but if it was on the agenda as the 500 mark seems a bit arbitrary I would feel happier. If any of the more experienced partners know of a good workaround, please I’m all ears.

Thank you.

This is a great question, and good feedback. I might know someone who can help with this. Let me poke around internally. =)

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Thanks for your quick reply Brett… I’d really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

We are working on a new 301 product but will investigate how to increase the limit ? How many 301 roles you need?

Hey kobig. Now? An extra 150-200 would do the job, as I mentioned it was a really neglected account… the Google Search Console was more like a haunted house. :slight_smile: I think people would pay extra for this functionality.