fetch information

Hi guys!
I am stuck with my project please help:
I need to create a page, where my audience would be able to:

  1. Input their Roll No. and Date of birth
  2. This would fetch their fines to be paid and display it on the page.

They wont have access to their entire data.

Ps. I am very new to this!


Can you please elaborate on what you’re trying to achieve?
Where are you fetching the data from?
Is it a collection in your site or in another source?
Is the data about your users being saved somewhere?

Share as much information on your goal as you can so we can help you efficiently.


Thank God someone replied!

I am designing a website for my student council. So it needs to have a page where it shows the fines that has been put on each student (sorry :P).

I created a database and named it is “finecollection” in Wix, with three columns, “Roll No.”, “DoB” and “fines”.

So now what I need is:

  1. A student inputs his/her roll number.
  2. Then his/her Date of birth.
  3. The code should take in the roll number, checks if the Date of Birth of that student matches with the one in the database of “finecollection” and then returns the value in the “fines” of that particular roll number student.
  4. Else shows an error of wrong DoB.

TIA. Hoping you would help me!