Filter dynamic repeater contain own _owner


I need to create a page to for user themself to see only the Dynamic Repeater with only the data they have inputed before.

I know there is a field called _owner, but i hv no idea how can i do the coding to filter the page only show up data with their own (_owner)?

Its different with filtering something contain a specific words , i will need the to filter which one contact the variable which is the member’s own membership ID .

I hv very new for coding, hope someone can help.

Sounds like a Dynamic Item page is the best solution for you.
Feel free to paste your code here

I hv already learnt how to create Dynamic page.
Its easy

My question is abt filtering

Hope someone can help

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Can you please clarify what is the use case? What are you trying to achieve?
You can share the code you have so far.

thx Or

I need to create a page to for user themself to see only the Dynamic Repeater with only the posts they have inputed before. Its

My suggestion is to take the next steps:

  1. Get the current member id (assuming that the member id and the item id are matched).
  2. Query the member’s item (row in the database collection)
  3. Set filter to the dataset
    Here is a sample code:
import wixData from 'wix-data';
import wixUsers from 'wix-users';
$w.onReady(() =>{
    let user = wixUsers.currentUser; 
    let userId =;
    .then((results) => {
        const firstItem = results.items[0];
        const ownerId = firstItem._owner;
        $w("#myDataset").setFilter( wixData.filter() 
        .eq("_owner",ownerId) );

The other option is to wait for the release of this feature is the editor ( in the near future).
Good Luck!

Hi Roi, I cannot understand what it means. Before this coding, do i need to create a new item named “Member” in the database table?"

By member id I meant user id.
For more information:
Do you have members database collection ?

Still unsure wt are the steps.
I need to create a page for members shows up dynamic table with the data they input before, so i need a dynamic page link. Can anyone help plz?

@Roi Having issue with dataset filter. Datasets allow you to sort according to owner, however with Item pages, the DatasetItem does not provide for filter by owner. That seems odd not to have that abilitiy, as all one would have to do is change the url in search window to have access to another owners info. Using this as an editor page for database edits.

hay rol,
how to filter on multiple reference._id results