Filter option randomly dropping in and out on published site

I have a product gallery on various pages (incl home page).
Sometimes it displays the filter option, other times it randomly stops displaying the filter option next to the grid of products.
This can render perfectly in a browser session (Edge, Firefox, Chrome…all sometimes displays correctly and then other times drops the filter suddenly), with no coding or developing occurring… and then the filters disappear among random pages throughout the site.
What is causing this to occur?
My website is;
The pages with filters are; home page, Shop, Categories from home page
Screen shots below of how it sometimes randomly drops the filter (which is happening more often than not now)

The latest is now that the filter is showing… but all the collections have dropped out, despite them being selected in settings… It is seemingly very unstable?

Now I am getting no filter showing in edit mode or published mode, despite the filter options all selected as visible (see screen shot below);

HELP! Why is this so unstable?

You aren’t alone.

I have such of a headache since I published yesterday.

All my products galleries are messing up on mobile (browser view)

Filters are showing an ugly and large button on the top redirecting to another page with a basic pull down. They are normally on the side.

Let me know if you find something