Filter page from an image in a repeater


I’m hoping some one can help me - I’m completely stuck.

I have a page with two repeaters on it.

  • The first repeater displays photos and a photo title from a gallery database collection that I have created. This collection also has a category field where I have specified a photo category for each photo. The category is also displayed against each photo.

  • The second repeater is connected to a gallery category database collection that have created. It displays each gallery category title and photo, and is displayed to the right of the gallery repeater.

See screen shot below.

I would like a users to be able to click on a gallery category photo or title in the Category repeater and display only the gallery photos in the Gallery repeater that have this category specified in the Category field in the Gallery database collection.

Note, in the Gallery database collection the category field is a Reference field. As I am selecting the category from the Category collection for each photo.

Note, I have tried creating a dropdown list and populating this from the Category database collection data but for some reason it doesn’t populate. It is greyed out and doesn’t display anything.



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Mark, could you turn this into a dynamic page based on the category? Each dynamic page would represent a category and would display a gallery of images belonging to that category. Your selector repeater would be the same on each page and would show all the categories.

You’d have three datasets – one for the category item that is the basis of the dynamic page, another for the selector repeater (it would show all categories), and another for the images belonging to that category (it would be filtered to show only images for the current dynamic page).

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Thanks Jim.

This helped a lot.

So I think you’re recommending I do the following:

Create a dynamic page for each category, but add a filter to the data set of that page to show just the photos for the category of the page. So for example, have a lunar category page that is filtered to show photos of the moon.

Have a repeater (select repeater) on each category page to display all the categories, and specify the url for each dynamic category page. When a user clicks a category it will take them to the specific category page. For example, if they click the solar category it would take them to a the solar category page and display photos of the sun. If they click the lunar category it would take them to the lunar category page and show them photos of the Sun and so on.

Why would I need 3 datasets?

Do you think it’s possible to have just one dynamic category page with a pre-defined category, but change the default category dynamically when a user clicks the category?

Also, do you know if it’s possible to duplicate dynamic pages I don’t have to create them?



Hi, Mark. As I understand it, you have two collections:

  1. Categories

  2. Photos

One of the fields in your Photo collection is a ‘reference’ or a ‘multi-reference’ field that references the Categories collection. So, when you add a photo to the Photos collection, you are able to pick one (or more) categories for that photo.

So the first thing you need to do is to create a dynamic page based on the Categories collection. You can do that by adding a dynamic page and asking Editor X to base the new page(s) on your Categories collection. Editor X will create two pages for you – an ‘all’ page and a single item page. You want the single item page – you don’t really need the ‘all’ page.

That item page will include a dataset created by Editor X that selects only a single item. I believe the default name will be something like ‘Categories Item’.

You’ve now got a dynamic page for all your Categories, along with a single item dataset.

As the next step, you can create a repeater for all the Photos that belong to the dynamic page’s category. To do that, you create another dataset based on your Photos collection. This dataset should be filtered on the current Category.

And finally, you create a repeater to act as your selector. This requires a third dataset, again based on Categories, but without a filter, because you want this repeater to include all your Categories. This is basically the same dataset and repeater that Editor X created for you for the ‘all’ page that I said you didn’t need. You’re just putting that dataset and repeater on your dynamic page rather than on a dedicated page of its own.

Make sense?

Let me know if you’ve got further questions.


Mark, one more thing occurs to me. I guess you need an entryway to the dynamic pages – that is, a way for the site visitor to get to an initial page. You could pre-select one of the categories and link directly to its dynamic page, or you could have a non-dynamic selector page (e.g. that ‘all’ page I told you to throw away).


Thanks Jim.

For the third dataset (of the full list of categories bound to a repeater) how do I add a link taking the category title to filter the categories collection data set (the first one)?



Hi Jim. Don’t worry. I fixed it.

In the category repeater (3rd repeater) I specified a dynamic link (Link connects to option) against the category image to the category dataset (1st data set).

So all working. Thanks so much.


Mark :grinning:

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Hi, is it possible that there are some photos I could refrence on? I am new to Editor X and I don’t quite understand. Thank you so much.

From reading through the thread, believe this might help.