Filter Search on Dynamic Category/Item Page

Can someone explain how to create search filters for a dynamic item/category page.

The search filter needs to be able to filter:

  1. Ranges within a specific field in a database

  2. Search text from fields across the whole database

  3. Dropdown list from predetermined options
    I have no experience in coding so the more detail the better :slight_smile:

Hi Ori. I can explain how to do it ‘step by step’ if you wish. But what have you done so far. For a step by step help, we would need the element ID’s of your filter boxes and the table you are searching. Otherwise you may get mixed up if we say element id ‘chkBox1’ and you may have that but in a whole different focus.

It reads as if you have made a complete ‘filter’ form with a button to filter. Have you already done that?

Just curious, can you follow the first part in this post HERE it’s not the final code, but it is a start. This filters a result when you check a checkbox, but will also fire if you attach it to a droplist. Have you also looked at the documentation for wixDataFilter here ? That would be used in your code.

I’ll be happy to write up a step by step action plan you need to take if you can provide:

  • element id of some of the fields, lets start with one droplist or textbox
  • name of your table with the data
  • name of the column to filter with the fields of the first provided filter field.

After you have one or two fields, you can enhance the working scenario with more fields.

Well I am not sure if I have even setup the database correctly.
But in general a want to create a real estate listings site. It is quite complex because for each single listing there is a real estate agent/agency, homeowner, and tenant connected to the listing. Would that mean I need to create 4/5 databases and somehow link between the two?

I am before the stage of even making it work functionally I need to understand logically how I need to build it.

Okay. Well before you start linking multiple sources, I would say start with one make it work, then add another and so on. I’m just starting a tutorial on this now from step 1 and will enhance it in time. It will be available here. I can use your input when I post it so I make it clear for everyone to follow. I could use your situation as a real life test case in it. Is that okay with you (not the data offcourse)

Yes that would be great!
In the meantime I will try playing with it to understand more how it works.

How long do you think until the video is ready?

Video? Man I don’t have that much time :slight_smile: I’ll leave that to the people who like that. I am never satisfied with my videos. Instead I started HERE . With some luck a first filter will be on it tonight/tomorrow evening.

Hey edgar, I went through your tutorial it was great I learned how to create a filter on a page based on items from a database.

One probelm I ran into was giving users on my site the ability to filter and classify their own results to display items from a database based on their search criteria.

Hi Ori. I’m currently recreating my content so you can choose ‘blocks’ and then get the tutorial. I’ll add this as an option :slight_smile:

HI, I have been facing some issue while connecting by button with the dynamic page. Everything is fine but I want the dynamic page to filter the content displayed which has been the created by the logged in user only. This means that when the logged in user is the owner of the data ONLY then will thedynamic page will show the data.

But as soon as I enter this filter and then try to link my button (on another page in the member’s area) I am simply unable to connect to the dynamic page via the page link option. If I delete the filter it is working fine.

Please suggest a solution ASAP.