Font Change

Hei there

I created a code for the text box and button which triggers the text to pop up. I used the Paragraph 1 theme but when I click the button it changes the text to Paragraph 2 theme. Is there anyone who could help me with this?

Have you connected the Text Box to a collection (Rich Text field)? Can you please share with us the code and a video of the issue? You can use screencast for that purpose. Simply recreate the issue while recording the steps and add the URL to your response.


Hi Tal

I resolved the problem by changing the text to Heading H6 which I edited to font what I need and now it works. It simply needed to be defined which heading or Paragraph I want to use. Unfortunately Paragraphs do not have numbers like headings - Headings have


etc. and Paragraphs only have


I will try our your suggestion though as I don’t want that Paragraph is marked as a Heading.