Font Styles (bold, italic) - How to Render with Proper Font File?

Is there any way to force Wix to use a proper font file for a particular font face & style when using the ‘B’ and ‘I’ styling buttons to style sections of type (i.e., not just render using ‘faux’ bold or italics)?

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
We’ve uploaded 4 font files for a specific font family – Source Sans 3. We included Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic font faces/files.

We would typically expect these to map to the 4 primary font styles:
font-weight: normal/400; font-style: normal; = Source Sans 3 - Medium
font-weight: normal/400; font-style: italic; = Source Sans 3 - Medium Italic
font-weight: bold/700; font-style: normal; = Source Sans 3 - Bold
font-weight: bold/700; font-style: italic; = Source Sans 3 - Bold Italic

But when using the default ‘B’ and ‘I’ buttons to style sections of type, Wix is just using the same default font applied to the whole block of text (e.g., Medium) and then the browser is applying ‘faux’ italic or bold instead of rendering with the proper font file for each.

  • Do we really need to specifically apply the particular font to each and every section of text where we may want to apply bold, italic, or bold-italic? This would be a hassle for us, but a recipe for disaster for the client.

  • Is there an @font-face rule we can add to redirect proper font substitutions here?

  • It looks like Wix replaces our font files and the declared font-family names with some obscure random code name (e.g, ‘wfont_88d8f_8997asbc7791440dap901’). Is there no way to retain the proper font-family name (e.g., ‘Source Sans 3’) when uploading a font?

Thanks for any insight here!

Additional information:
In brief testing, it appears that the same may be happening even with Wix Studio built-in fonts.

  • Is this really the case? Do most people just accept the terrible faux bolding or italicizing??