Form created data collection with wacky field key names. Help!

copyOfMemberName and copyOfEmergencyContact

I went back and renamed all of my form input elements. Now I want the resulting data collection to have accurate Field Key names. I don’t want to have to go look up the field key for every column if I want to reference this field in query, etc.

Any solution to cleaning up the Field Keys?

If you are talking about DATABASE-Fieldkeys, then you can’t change them anymore, once you have created them (correct me if i am wrong).

You will have to recreate a new FIELD(FIELD-KEY). That means → remove the old → COLUM and adding/creating a new one with your wished new FIELD-KEY.

This is why i am also first developing my database as good as possible, before i start → coding!

DATABASE = Most important part of your whole project !!!

A site without a DATABASE, is not a real site!