Forum Request: consolidating topics into one post

It’s intimidating and discouraging to look for answers in here, because there are dozens of threats relating to the same subjects.
Some go unanswered, some have more questions than answers, other have a few answers saying do this or that (but without showing how), a few have good answers and then there’s that one guy saying “this is how my code looks like, but it’s not working” (which is not helpful andand nobodynobody reploesreplies toto it most of the time).

I wish you could have a curated section like “Questions and Solutions” or “Questions Answered”, consolidating into one post a popular general question and then showing only the working solutions.

For example: searching for “Galley on Dynamic Page” produces 98 results and it’s going to take me hours to go through them all.

While we’re are at it, I suggest anoter section called “Help with my code”, that way people can ask for help there for other users who are able and willing to look at it.