Fractional quantity of the product

Hi all! I have a problem with a quantity of the product. So I have already asked Wix support on this matter but they said that their constructor can’t do such things. If you know how I set the fractional quantity of the product, please comment this post

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Not sure you can set fractional quantities in Wix Stores, I think it must all be rounded numbers etc.

You can do similar with weights for shipping.

Yeah, I know but if there is some code for this function


Don’t think that there is, otherwise it would have been well publicised by now.

You are more than welcome to have a look through the Wix Stores and Wix Stores Backend API sections and see if you can find a solution yourself.

You are best sticking it in as a feature request here.

@givemeawhisky Thank you so much:)

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You are not the first to ask and no doubt won’t be the last either.

Apologies can’t be any further help.