Free Text Quiz?

Hi, I’m trying to do something that I thought would be really simple, but can’t find any examples online of how to do anything to do with user interaction except submit or retrieve stuff to or from the built in database. I just want to make a free text quiz. All I want to do, is have the user type in a box and hit submit. On click, it would take the free text and store it to a variable, then use this variable to change the display. It’s probably easier to just have it take the user to and that page be an exact copy but with different text, than it is to do a lookup on that variable and populate the text box from the corresponding database entry, but, I’m easy with whatever dirty hack anyone might have? I did think about instead of any of this, just requiring users put their answers in as the url (so, just write it in place of the variable in the example url above) but for some reason Wix is case sensitive, and this would be kinda frustrating for a quiz. Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks!