Frustrated With Docking: What attributes to use?

Hey peeps
I’ve been using Editor X for about 2 months now. I’m building a new website for a client and this has allowed me to test out what Editor X can really do!

The biggest issue that I seem to come across is making fluid, responsive sections that respond smoothly across all breakpoints/screens.

I don’t fully understand when to use vh, px, % none etc to achieve the results I’m looking for. It’s hugely hit and miss which ends up with me either getting very frustrated, ditching what I’m trying to achieve or making a less impactful design. I’ve wasted many hours ‘learning while designing’ and my project is beginning to fall behind schedule!

Is there someone who can explain ‘docking’ to me or show me a way to “build a section” (images, text, icons) that will respond smoothly when working across all breakpoints.

I’ve watched multiple YouTube videos that have helped but still I encounter issues when designing.
One video that I did think was helpful was this from Sebi Vidret ( where he shows how he designs… Adding an element one at a time and looking at how that one element responds across breakpoints, to continually up build the sections he is designing.

I’m happy to do a video call (I’m based in Amsterdam, NL) to gain more help and advice if this makes me work more smarter and faster. I’m obviously doing something wrong and really what to change that!

Many thanks in advance :wave: