Gallery and database

Hello to you all,

I would like, using wix code, do the following : create a gallery which would contain pictures and, for each and every picture, have a link to a specific page which would be in my database.
How can I achieve this ?

I searched but i did not find the answer. Thanks for your help.

It sounds like you want to have dynamic pages with a Gallery as an index page . Try it out :slight_smile:

Hello !

I started but i dont’t know ho to link the images to the dynamic pages :frowning:
Could you guide me step by step ?
I have the dynamic page, i have the database, i succesfully linked elements from the dynamic page to my database but i don’t know how to access the dynamic pages from my gallery, i don’t see the link :-/

When you connect the gallery, choose the dynamic page in the “link” property connection options.
See here: Working with the Connect Gallery Panel | Help Center |

Good luck

I got it ! Thank you and sorry for asking a question that has been answered to early ! But i really could’n’t figure it out, your last answer was perfect ! :slight_smile: