Generate Excel from filtered data of Collections

I need to generate an Excel of data of a collection. I need to select what fields should be included and have the possibility of filter records. The information should not be as JSON. I need to be presented in one column for each field.
Is it this possible with Wix Code?
Thanks for your help!!!

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Yes…Its Possible :slight_smile:

Nithin, thank you for your answer.
And now a second question: Where can I find a tutorial or instructions to generate it?

There is no tutorial or instructions to do it with wix…but I can try using some npm modules available in wix to do it…

@thrishtilabs : npm modules?

@avillarg yes there is a csv npm module available in wix…

@thrishtilabs I’ll try it. Thank you!


Is it working? did you try it?

Ofir I used a different method based in this link:
I had to change the HTML code as follows


@thrishtilabs : I need your help again! Could you please look my question in
I’m very frustrated!

I just wrote how to do that :slight_smile:

let me know if you have any question

Hi Ofir,
you are welcome to try my tutorial using the xlsx package.

let me know if you have any question

It Works! Thanks!!!

@ofiraviram awesome :sunglasses:

I want to have customized headers in excel rather than field names. for example, rather than having column name as ‘publishdate’, I want to show ‘Publish Date’. How do I achieve this? thanks in advance. Since I know the exact number of columns I will have in excel, I don’t mind even hard coding them. thanks