Generate # of repeater items based on user input

Does anyone know the best way to set up the following flow:

Page 1 - User chooses numeric value from dropdown and clicks submit

Page 2 - Repeater element displays the number of identical items that was chosen in previous step.

For context: I need a user to be able to choose how many personalized items he wants to purchase (1-10), after that I need him to enter information for each of the items to personalize it. I would like to set this up through a user input form in a repeater.

var itemAmount

	itemAmount = $w('#input0').value


		for (var i = 1; i < itemAmount; i++) {

function hide_allInputs() {
	for (var i = 1; i < itemAmount; i++) {

Generate some input-fields (#input0 - #inputX)

  1. input0 = here you can place the amount of used inputs.
    That means if you are using 5 inputs (input0 do not count), you will have 5 input-fields on your page (#input1- #input5).

  2. Create a button with ID = ‘#myButton

Change the amont of items in input0 and use the button.

Your dynamic form is ready. :grin: