Generating form/invoice from repeater of a Dynamic Page (members list of previous orders)

Help!!! Below is a copy of the csr 's explanation of what I’m looking for. He did an excellent Job! Help!!!
Justin| Wix Customer Support
Brent wants members to be able to place/resubmit orders for services for people that are in the contact repeaters on the members page.
He wants a submit button within repeater, so that members can easily resubmit another form/invoice for the contacts and he can also get a notification on his end. Below is a screenshot of what the look would end up being.

member is brent neal ordering services for contact list
Contacts are people in repeater with the services
button will resubmit contact Bio in an order form/invoices format and send them to the site owner, so he knows( who, when, ) it is generated and what member generated form/invoice