Get a specific field from a query result

Queries return an array results. How I can get a specific field data from the results. In the below example, how I can extract from the “firstItem” or the “results.items” just the first name or last name?

.find() .then( (results) => { let firstItem = results.items[0]; //see item below } )

/* firstItem is:

  • {
  • “_id”: “00001”, .
  • “_owner”: “ffdkj9c2-df8g-f9ke-lk98-4kjhfr89keedb”,
  • “_createdDate”: “2017-05-24T12:33:18.938Z”,
  • “_updatedDate”: “2017-05-24T12:33:18.938Z”,
  • “title”: “Mr.”,
  • “first_name”: “John”,
  • “last_name”: “Doe” * }

Do either firstItem.first_name or results.items[0].first_name and either firstItem.last_name or results.items[0].last_name work for you?

Thanks!!! It works perfectly…

You’re welcome.

can someone tell me how to get the first_Name from the result item ?

Something like this…

let firstName = results.items[0].first_Name

“first_Name” <------ this should be the column-ID (reference)

But if you have an issue/problem, then feel free to open your own post-request, do not reopen old posts.

You can also look here …

…to get codes like this…

import wixData from 'wix-data';

wixData.query("myCollection") // <--- here your database-name
  .then( (results) => {
    if(results.items.length > 0) {
      let firstItem = results.items[0]; //see item below
      let firstName = results.items[0].first_Name
    } else {
      // handle case where no matching items found      
  } )
  .catch( (err) => {
    let errorMsg = err;
  } );