Get Image Id in Repeater

I try to do very simple thing and have strange error. Please help me.

I have simple database: title and image. There are 50-80 names and images inside.

I have simple Repeater - just one image in one container in one repeater

On real page it look like 10 images in a raw and 5-8 rows

I want click an Image and see Title content



When I do ONCLICK event by Image and use GETCURRNTITEM

I see only first image Title for any Image I click

Each Image return the same value as first one.

Please help solve this issue.
I’m afrade this is very easy
but I’m poet, not programmer… :slight_smile:

Thank You in advance
Sincerely, Mikhail

See the $w.Repeater API for details on how to use a Repeater. You need to make sure that you are using the Repeated Item Scope for an item that you click on. The event handler for clicking on an image in a Repeater should look something like this:

$w.onReady( function () {
   $w("#myRepeatedImage").onClick( (event) => {
     let $item = $;
     // do something with the image
   } );
 } );
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Thank You, Yisrael
I do what I want.

(I read “Tiitle” of clicked Image

S. Mikhail