Get Paid From Form

I want to create my own form and get paid from the form. But I want the price to change as the options change.

e.g There will be more than 10 options and some options will change the total price.

X Option If they choose YES 10$ added to the total price. example
Y Option If they choose YES 5$ added to the total price. example
Z Option
C Option
V Option

Let’s say these are the options. Users will select their own answers.
If the user says “I want” in X options total will be 30$ (min price 20$) so +10$ added.

How can I do that with Corvid I just want to do this for some options not for all. Like whatever they choose will not change in the C and V options.

Try this tutorial example (the link may change in the near future):

It is a step-by-step showing you how to use a form to calculate values. This should put you in the right direction.

Additional to CQ-Nayelis suggested video (which i did not see yet),

you could create some functions with return-option, which will give you always the results you want (after doing some math)…

A totaly-simple example you will find here…

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: