Get value from bookingform dropdown

I’ve setup a default booking form with a “number of participants” dropdown.
When I change that value to lets say 3. Then I want to show 3 extra elements.
How do I get the value from the dropdown in code so?

let participantsCount =

In my example I had a dropdown list of countries.
I got the index of what was selected, then I chose the label. You can choose the label or the value depending on what you need.

Something like this:

    let selectedItem = $w("#dropdownCountry").selectedIndex;
    // options= label, value 
    let curvalue = $w("#dropdownCountry").options[selectedItem].label.toUpperCase();  

@pekrzyz great, but then I need to know the id of the element right? My bookingform participant field does not show in editor so and in preview the dropdown element only has a data-hook no id attribute. Can you use data-hook as an identifier?

Can’t wrap my head around that. Can you post the code so we can see?