Get wix user email

I used the code below in order to get the user logged in email
the id is fine
can not get the email:
in preview mode:

Please help!


Your code has two problems:

  • let userEmail is defined inside the .then() handler and its context is not available outside of the .then() handler.

  • The line of code $w(“#text17”).text = email; is directly after the Promise, but unfortunately is executed before the Promise has been fulfilled. This is why " userEmail is not defined ".
    You need to set the text field after the Promise has bee fulfilled - that is, inside of the .then() handler. Like this:

.then( (email) => {
    $w("#text17").text = email;

See the forum post Promises, Promises for a gentle explanation of Promises.

I hope this helps.



Thanks! You made my day … or even better, my night!

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