getMember() not returning loginEmail

I’m using getMember() from wix-members-backend and the loginEmail property is missing from the returned object. I have

options = {fieldsets: ['FULL']}

What am I doing wrong?

Can you post the code?

I was just following the example code in the API reference

  return members.getMember(id, options)
    .then((member) => {

I am getting a member object returned, but it doesn’t have the loginEmail property.

It’s really not enough, the code you posted looks fine, but the problem can be in the other part of your code, at least post together the options declaration and the export function declaration with this return inside.

Thanks for your help. The options declaration was as above.

Anyway, I’ve now changed my approach and am using instead

wixData . query ( “Members/PrivateMembersData” )

which gives me the result I need.