Getting a 1st party cookie value

Hi, I’m looking for a way to get a cookie value to my code.

The cookie’s name is “hubspotutk”, and it’s basically a unique user ID that Hubspot are generating when a sessions starts.
I can easily get this value using Google Tag Manager (1st party cookie variable), but it seems to be impossible to do that using Wix’s code.

How can I achieve this?
This is crucial for our organization.
If we won’t be able to get this value, we might have to ditch Wix altogether.

Thanks in advance,

Hey guys, anything?
This is fairly basic stuff, it would take like 1 minute using wordpress + GTM.

Hi, did you get how to fetch the cookie values? I am also looking for the same

You can add custom element to your page and put inside the document.cookie to read it.