Getting Order Number.


I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, I have a store that I setup as sandbox, and I was wondering after a customer purchase and order and they get transferred to the “Thank You” page, how would I get the current order number? Should I be looking at wix-data for this?

Just for clarity, this order number will be stored in a remote database using fetch().



This is a big hard question to answer without more information about how an order is processed. Is the sandbox using wix example code? Your question suggests that the order is handled via an external system what is that system and how are you connecting wix to it?

Without some of these architecture and config questions it will be hard to help you.

Ah sorry about that, I will try to be a bit more clear, how about this, I created a store here in wix, I selected manual payment (so I can make a test payment)… what I want is, once a user completes an order, all I want to do is retrieve the users order information and pass this order information to a console.log() (i.e. in the thank you page) so I can inspect this in the dev console.

just in case, I haven’t changed anything on the store created on Wix so everything is default, the only change I made was adding manual payments as stated above.

Thanks… I hope this is better :slight_smile:

Hi xlord,

Did you manage to achieve that in the end?

I am looking to achieve same.