Google Maps element reverting back to one location when attached to database and multiple locations

Is anyone else having an issue with their Google Maps element reverting back to one location even though its set to multiple locations after publishing and previewing?

It was working fine yesterday, and now all the sudden it won’t stay on multiple locations. As soon as I attach it to a dataset and hit publish it goes back to one location. It’s attached to a database that has multiple locations and uses the ‘Address’ field type so not sure if that’s causing the issue, but there is no code involved so I’m not sure if its a bug or something else.

Anyone else having this issue or a way to fix it?


The page I’m having the error on:

I’m seeing multiple locations on the map. If it happens again the best place to report this is customer care: Contact Wix

Yes, it’s working at the moment. I’m not sure what happened, if there was a bug/glitch or not, but it seems to be working now, I but don’t want my client to use this on their final site if its going to be doing this in the future.

I did send a bug report to Wix when it was happening, but have not heard back yet. I tried even restarting my computer and web browser but it wouldn’t work, but I went and tried it again a few hours later and it was working so it fixed itself I guess.

I’d like to know if Wix is updating or editing something on their backend that could of caused it to have the issue so I know if it was just a one time occurrence or not.


Unfortunately I don’t have any insight into this so it will depend on what the support team says.

Hello - I had this happen before and it drove me crazy. It turned out one the of addresses entered wasn’t correct. You need to make sure the address you add is selected from the addresses that Wix suggests as you type.

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