Google Places API autocomplete

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I’m trying to call Places API within my form so that people start writing their address and Goolge helps it to complete. But I’m struggling with the code. As per documentation found, we need to call it from backend. But its not that much effective as Google’s places API script we put directly.

How to add external javascript like Google places API for autocomplete address ?

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Hello Kevin, I am trying to accomplish the same thing. Did you ever get a solution? You would think tutorials on this would be everywhere. I did find a very complex example in the forum using Google Map Service, followed directions exact and had 141 errors. I simply need address autocomplete on a single field on my form that is submitted to a collection. Thanks.

Hi guys im about to release a template for this, check out the demo site,

Edit: Template available

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Hi I looked at your demo site and its exactly what I’m looking for. Can you please provide the code you used for this?

Has this template been released? I’m looking to implement this in my code asap.

For anybody who’s interested in this feature: the Address Input Editor Element has been released .

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