Google Search result returning "For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript"

After ensuring the SEO Wizard was complete and the Site MetaData was in tip top shape, I submitted a new client site to Google for indexing. The indexing is complete and the result is shown below. A quick Google search of the “necessary to enable JavaScript” result yields that this has been a problem with Google going back at least to November 2020 if not earlier. I have never had this issue with any other website I’ve completed and submitted to Google for indexing and I am wondering if Wix might be able to address this directly with Google for faster fixing than if a freelancer contacts them on their own?

I’d like to send the client the project completion invoice and get paid but having them see this result in the Google search page is not going to inspire them to pay me promptly when a listing in Google was part of the package. :unamused:

Hi Nik!

Thanks for sharing this interesting question with us. I’ve connected with our Product Expert who will circle back once he has an answer for you :slight_smile:

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Isn’t this a web browser settings issue rather than a wix site issue?

Hi @nicole81871 ,

I have reached out to our SEO Team, and it appears this is due to the site being submitted without a Title.

I was able to see that the SEO Wiz was submitted on Jan. 25, prior to that the site was indexed quite some time before that.

I have provided an image of what was indexed prior, which is an empty Title. Wix automatically adds these tags by default which is why you’re seeing the message shown.

Please allow the site to be indexed after being submitted through the SEO Wiz or resubmit your site manually.

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