Graphs that can be connected to CMS

It would be great if wix offered graphs assets that we could easily connect to CMS items with no-code.


@AnthonyAllioo Love that idea! Make sure you submit it as an official feature request on the Product Roadmap page. Just click the ‘Request a Feature’ button!
Are there specific graphs or graph elements you’ve been wanting?

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This is possible now with this app: Common Ninja Charts & Graphs | Wix App Market |

They recently were one of the first apps to integrate directly with the CMS in Wix, meaning you can now display data to graphs etc. Super cool!

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Yea I know, asking for native solutions though.

Just bar, line, pie graphs that look modern. And I did, thanks!

Yes I understand, but this is the solution at current and I just provided it as a source of help. Totally get you on these things being native though.

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