Happy News - Wix Show Code Library is opening up today

I have made over 10.000 lines of code in Wix Code since the launch last year. This week I decided to share a lot of the code snippets and source code I have made with you all.

I will add code snippets as much as my time allows me but goto https://www.wixshow.com and register for free and click the code library and you can get a lot of code.

If you have any wished comment here and I will see if I have it and publish it.

It took some time to integrate the Github Gist embed functions in Dynamic Pages because of iframe and security but now it works with the Data Collections at Wix Show.

Happy Coding!


Amazing as always! Thank you so much!

Hi Andreas, really wonderful !
I would like some snippet in Router if it’s possible please, now it’s empty.