hello I need help creating a search engine.

I want this effect, just without a shop like here

Please help. Here my page: https://dariuszgardon00.wixsite.com/strona/projekty

I do not show me and do not replace files, I think I have a bad database and code.

We have a few Velo examples showing you how to add search to your site that may help you get started:

If you still have questions after reviewing these examples, please respond with a detailed description of your problem and include your code. Good luck!

This page interests me, I would like to see what the database looks like in it, because it doesn’t work for me.

@zgredzio010 If you click the “Edit Now” button, it will open as a template. Turn on Dev Mode so you can see all the code, elements, dynamic pages, and databases you’d need to build a similar feature in your site.

@marlowe-shaeffer Very thanks

@marlowe-shaeffer tell me can I put a whole different page on my own?

@zgredzio010 Yes, you can save this template to your account and then add pages and edit it just like any other site you have.

@marlowe-shaeffer and I can copy the database from this page, how?. because I can’t move the database between different pages.

@zgredzio010 You can connect a database to any page on your site. You just need to use a dataset/connector. You can learn more here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/about-connecting-page-elements-to-database-content