Help add filter to dataset

I don’t know why, but its stopped working.
I am trying to display in a dynamic page, images from the same category using a new dataset with a filter.

In the manage dataset (#dataset1) box, I added this filter:

For some reason, it’s stopped working.
Maybe it’s because the #dataset1 is loading before the #dynamicDataset?

***** Just checked and it’s working. I think I need to add a delay to the #dataset1

You should use the Dataset.onReady() event handler.

Yes, but what the code will be?
I didn’t add any code to do this

Hmm, maybe there was a network issue before. If you don’t have any code then you don’t need onReady().

For questions that are not related to code you can contact the Wix support team . You’ll get better help for your problem there.